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A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew

Jewish Museum Berlin

In the series “A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew,” Eran Shakine explores the similarities and differences between the three religions Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

In sketchy oil pastel drawings, a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew – an outwardly indistinguishable trio – explore the world. The exhibition title plays on the first line of a joke drawing on stereotypes.


Shakine was raised in the old city of Jaffa, where the three religions collide. This complex atmosphere is at the background of his most talked-of exhibition, A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew, a title which sounds like the first line of a joke. The exhibition consists of paintings, drawings, mental sculptures and multimedia, describing a theological, philosophical and social journey of three male figures, dressed like 19th century explorers. The exhibition was first exhibited at the Jewish Museum, Berlin, where it attracted 250,000 visitors. Since then it had traveled to the Jewish Museum in Munich (2018), and Our Lord of the Attic, Amsterdam (2019). The Amsterdam city hall has recently installed a sculpture of the exhibition of the three figures at the heart of the red light district. The exhibition presents different situations in the shared journey of the three identical looking figures, the differences left mostly in our minds. 


A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew Visiting the Monument 2014, Oil paintstick on canvas, 110×100 cm.


A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew Feeling that they were being watched 2016, oil on canvas, 160×140 cm.


MCJ, oil on canvas, 90×120 cm.


MCJ, oil on canvas, 150×100 cm.

searching for love 2016, Oil on canv

searching for love 2016, Oil on canvas, 160×140 cm.


MCJ, oil on canvas, 140×100 cm.


MCJ, oil on canvas, 110×80 cm.


Knocking on Heaven’s Door, The Book

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